Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ahhhhh! It's March already...

Fashion is so hot right now. I can't believe how many great shows there have been. Of course there are going to be a few that wont cut the cake, but thats just life in fashion. Here's the latest from Paris (

Christian Dior 2006 - Surprise, Surprise! John has done a wonderful job once again. Reminds me a bit of his spring show, but it's still so out there, thats why I love him.

Christian Dior 2006 - Wow. Love the hair snd the hair band, necklace and the glasses are hot.

Vivienne Westwood 2006 - I want it! Keep the top half of your body warm and show of some leg! I don't mind the shoes with this outfit, but I wouldn't wear them. There's a symbol on the stomach area which is the snake from her sunglasses that I want bad.

Jean Paul Gaultier 2006 - Don't try this at home...

Jean Paul Gaultier 2006 - I do like the corset by the way.

Costume National 2006 - Really loving this look. If only it got cold enough for us to wear things like this is Australia. *sigh*

Balenciaga Fall 2006 - My Sister would love this, reminds me of a horse rider.

Balenciaga Fall 2006 - These shoes are just plain scary, not to mention ugly!

I'm off to the shop tomorrow to look at shoes. I've been looking for this one pair that I saw like 3 months ago and I wish I had bought them then and there - but I knew $70 was too much for what they were and apparently they are having a sale on at the Shoe Shed which is where I saw them. I so hope they are there - if not, I'm going to cry. Tee hee. I can;t help it. It's my one true weakness. If you buy me shoes you will never go wrong.

I'm also after another pair that I saw in ShoeBiz - they are snake skin and platform with a peep toe. They are so yum. I'll take a photo with my phone next time I walk past, because I'm waiting for a sale or something... $120 is too much.

Another pair I want are these ones Lauren and I saw on our Sydney Uni / Parra day. She loved them too. They were black and kind of reminded me of this pair. The only diff is, these ones have ankle straps and less of a heel...

Hey - now that I read that stuff above, I do have some control in my spending on shoes! Although I do hope I get a new pair for going out on Friday night.

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