Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rouse Hill... Whaaat?!?!

I don't know what's going on. Can somebody please explain to me WHY the Mean Fiddler is suddenly so popular. They wouldn't let Nicole or I in. Before we even joined the end of the line (around 60-ish people lined up) some people had told us no-one else is going in. I'm still so baffled as to why so many people were there... where did they come from... and it's JUST the Mean Fiddler, an Irish PUB. *sigh* Nicole and I were so up for a night of drinking and dancing, but nope. They had to spoil it. I tell you its rigged. Anyway, we settled for some coffee instead. Turns out that 24 hours doesn't mean 24 Hours. The first 24 hour cafe we went to is one in Crows Nest, (don't remember the name - Green something? or Orion?) but when we found it, by fluking it by the way, the chairs were already up on the table tops. There were a few people still there but obviously they were packing up. So Nicole said let's try this other one in Chatswood. We got a little lost, turned around to go back and there it was. Somehow we found it. It was a cute little cafe on archer street, we stayed there until about 3am which is when they close.

While we were sitting there, about 3 or 4 cars ran red lights and one was nearly an accident. Is it a 'thing' that you do once it reaches early morning, because seriously.... one day there is going to be a car there and WHAM, you're dead. So to all those idiot drivers in Chatswood, red means STOP.

Back to business...
These are my newest pair of shoes. I was going to wear these to the Fiddler *mumbles*

Once I tried them on, it was love.

I saw these in the shops for around $110, got them at a steal for $25. I love them - and don't worry, they are comfy to walk in :)

I spent most of the afternoon at my sister's place with my nephews Tomi, Isaac and Jack and my niece Ava. It was fun yet tiring.

Well, thats all for now.


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