Monday, March 27, 2006

Dad's 50th Birthday

In the Spirit of My dad's 50th. These were some of the "Tips" we had on the front of the cards...
  • After 50 everything that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work…
  • At 50 you live in your own little world, but its okay because they know you there…
  • Your failing eyesight saves you the anguish of seeing your disintegrating body…
  • Avoid the company of young people, they are a sad reminder of your long lost youth…
  • Fifty is the ultimate “F” word…
  • Develop the power of a photographic memory – take photographs of everyone you need to remember…
  • It took 50 years to look this good…
It turned out to be a great day/night. We sent both my Mum and Dad out on the back of Harley's to Rose Bay where they then got onto a Sea Plane which then took them to have lunch at a restaurant on the water. After lunch they had another ride on the Harley's back home. Dad then had no idea what we had planned - we had about 50 or so people here for a Surprise Birthday Bash.

I'll be posting photos at later, but I don't have them all yet.

Bumble Bee

While I was doing a powerpoint presentation for my Dad's 50th Surprise Party last weekend, I found this hilarious photo of my little sister...

It still cracks me up.

You know you grow up in Australia in the 90's if....

I got this email today and thought I'd share - seeing I can relate to most, if not all of the following...

  1. You've worn leggings and felt cool. (Well actually they were cool)
  2. You had a huge fringe at some point in your childhood (Yep - At Physical Culture!)
  3. You remember reading and watching Goosebumps (I read one book and watched it once, so I guess that counts.)
  4. You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school (I think I just had a coloured one..... with stickers of cartoons on it....)
  5. You remember the craze of Yo-yo's and Tamagotchi's (Oh god. These got banned from my school!)
  6. You still get the urge to say "not" after every sentence. (Not)
  7. You collected Pokemon Cards (I didn't - but I had friends who did.)
  8. You watched the Original Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Ninja Turtles. (Hero's In a Half Shell. Turtle Power!)
  9. You use to wear those stick on earrings, not only on yourears but at the corners of your eyes. (Yes, Yes I did... I still have some)
  10. You know the Macerena by heart. (We had to learn it for a school dance. It wasn't my choice!)
  11. "Talk to the Hand". (Enough said.)
  12. You remember Bum Bags. (Hey I'm not that 90's!)
  13. You collected Tazo's. (Shame. I even had the offical folders!)
  14. 2 Words. Spice Girls. (1 word. WANNABE.)
  15. Blinky Bill was cool. (He still is!)
  16. Captain Planet he's out hero. (Gonna take polution down to ZERO.)
  17. You use to play clapping games "my boyfriend gave me an apple, my
    boyfriend gave me a pear" (Down by the banks and Miss Mary Mack. As fast as you can!)

Monday, March 20, 2006

We're off to see the Wizard

I feel like Dorothy with my red sparkle nail polish. ALl i need now are the ruby slippers and I'll be off to see the Wizard down the Yellowbrick Road.

Speaking of witch (tee hee), it was a good movie - Cute with all the little Munchkins and Glinda, The Good Witch - I used to wish I was her. Check out the official website for some photos and extras.

I've put some photo's up at from Isaac's Birthday Party. Had a fun day - I was throwing my sister Heidi around on the jumping castle, and of course, Isaac had a ball in there too. I also got my face painted (as you do) - I got a fairy on my cheek and Isaac got some balloons on his cheek and a spiderman on his arm. He was so serious when the lady was painting on him - wouldn't move an inch.

Anyhow, not much else is on right now - Although, I have a lot to do before the weekend comes about: Secret woman's business.

So until next time... Peace Out.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

Your new colour for Autumn Winter 2006 is Midnight Blue. As Seen on the runways of Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel... just to name a few.

Versace Fall 2006

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2006

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2006

Chanel Fall 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My New Jeans

I just Looooove my new Jeans. Once I tried them on, I knew it was the end and I was going to buy them. If I left the shop without them, I'm pretty sure I would've gone back later and bought them (thursday: late-night shopping). So in actual fact, I saved petrol money. Tee hee.

I also bought a royal blue dress for my dad's birthday. I never thought of trying blue on - it actually looks really cute. I tried the pink one on first, and I thought it was okay, then the shop assistant insisted I tried the blue one on - lucky, because the blue looked WAY better than the pink! I'll take a photo later. Right now I'm off to Isaac Birthday Party.

Jumping Castle Here I come!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Kate Moss

Kate Moss - Chanel Haute Couture black and white silk lace and tulle bustier dress with train and silk satin ribbon. Chanel Haute Couture neck and arm ruffles; Wolford hosiery.
The story appears in the April 2006 issue of W.

This is probably one of my favourite photos of Kate Moss. She looks classy, elegant and I like the Marilyn Monroe influence.

There are rumours that Mary-Kate Olsen wants to play Kate Moss. It is said that she wants to do a movie on the life of her idol Kate Moss, and she would play the starring role.

I don't think any true fans of Kate are going to be happy about this. Mary-Kate to me is too baby face to be playing Kate Moss. Also, aren't movies "about the life of..." done after the person has passed?! She's only 32!

Anyway.. I'm off to clean my room before I go out.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

When U2 doesn't come to town

Vertigo '06: Final Dates Postponed. "It is with great regret that tour promoter The Next Adventure announces the postponement of the final ten dates of U2's Vertigo '06 tour. This action is unavoidable due to the illness of an immediate family member of one of the band. The effected dates are listed below.

'Any fan of U2 will realise that this decision has not been taken lightly', said TNA President Arthur Fogel. 'We will announce further details as soon as we have them.'

The effected shows, which are all sold out, are: March 17th & 18th, Ericcson Stadium AUCKLAND; 21st, Queensland Sports & Athletics Centre BRISBANE; 24TH & 25TH, Telstra Dome, MELBOURNE; 28th, AAMI Stadium ADELAIDE; 31st & 1st April, Telstra Stadium, SYDNEY; 4th, Nissan Stadium YOKOHAMA; 8th Aloha Stadium, HONOLULU.

We'll bring you more news on U2.Com as we get it."

Not Happy Jan. I can't believe it. Of course I feel sorry for the guy's kid whose sick, but I'm so dissappointed!

So basically... I don't know what's going on! When are they re-scheduling for? Better be bloody good dates and I can go, otherwise I'll be mad!

Nicole said to me on the phone "I knew it was too good to be true" - us getting tickets and all for the first sold out show.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fashion and Style.

It's a debate every fashion-lover has. Fashion Versus Style. Watch this fabulous ad campaign from French Connection staring Fashion and Style. Read my Fashion Versus Style article.

From the Oscars my favourite dress (Uma Thurman) and least favourite dress (Dolly Parton) of the night:

See the other dresses at

Elie Saab Fall 2006 - I want it bad. I would wear it everyday. I promise!

Valentino Fall 2006 - There's just something to this that I really like.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2006 - He's a master of his craft. LOOK AT IT - It's gorgeous!

There have been a lot more shows in Paris over the last few days and I have really only selected the ones I thought were worth pointing out - so make sure to check out the others over at

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rouse Hill... Whaaat?!?!

I don't know what's going on. Can somebody please explain to me WHY the Mean Fiddler is suddenly so popular. They wouldn't let Nicole or I in. Before we even joined the end of the line (around 60-ish people lined up) some people had told us no-one else is going in. I'm still so baffled as to why so many people were there... where did they come from... and it's JUST the Mean Fiddler, an Irish PUB. *sigh* Nicole and I were so up for a night of drinking and dancing, but nope. They had to spoil it. I tell you its rigged. Anyway, we settled for some coffee instead. Turns out that 24 hours doesn't mean 24 Hours. The first 24 hour cafe we went to is one in Crows Nest, (don't remember the name - Green something? or Orion?) but when we found it, by fluking it by the way, the chairs were already up on the table tops. There were a few people still there but obviously they were packing up. So Nicole said let's try this other one in Chatswood. We got a little lost, turned around to go back and there it was. Somehow we found it. It was a cute little cafe on archer street, we stayed there until about 3am which is when they close.

While we were sitting there, about 3 or 4 cars ran red lights and one was nearly an accident. Is it a 'thing' that you do once it reaches early morning, because seriously.... one day there is going to be a car there and WHAM, you're dead. So to all those idiot drivers in Chatswood, red means STOP.

Back to business...
These are my newest pair of shoes. I was going to wear these to the Fiddler *mumbles*

Once I tried them on, it was love.

I saw these in the shops for around $110, got them at a steal for $25. I love them - and don't worry, they are comfy to walk in :)

I spent most of the afternoon at my sister's place with my nephews Tomi, Isaac and Jack and my niece Ava. It was fun yet tiring.

Well, thats all for now.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ahhhhh! It's March already...

Fashion is so hot right now. I can't believe how many great shows there have been. Of course there are going to be a few that wont cut the cake, but thats just life in fashion. Here's the latest from Paris (

Christian Dior 2006 - Surprise, Surprise! John has done a wonderful job once again. Reminds me a bit of his spring show, but it's still so out there, thats why I love him.

Christian Dior 2006 - Wow. Love the hair snd the hair band, necklace and the glasses are hot.

Vivienne Westwood 2006 - I want it! Keep the top half of your body warm and show of some leg! I don't mind the shoes with this outfit, but I wouldn't wear them. There's a symbol on the stomach area which is the snake from her sunglasses that I want bad.

Jean Paul Gaultier 2006 - Don't try this at home...

Jean Paul Gaultier 2006 - I do like the corset by the way.

Costume National 2006 - Really loving this look. If only it got cold enough for us to wear things like this is Australia. *sigh*

Balenciaga Fall 2006 - My Sister would love this, reminds me of a horse rider.

Balenciaga Fall 2006 - These shoes are just plain scary, not to mention ugly!

I'm off to the shop tomorrow to look at shoes. I've been looking for this one pair that I saw like 3 months ago and I wish I had bought them then and there - but I knew $70 was too much for what they were and apparently they are having a sale on at the Shoe Shed which is where I saw them. I so hope they are there - if not, I'm going to cry. Tee hee. I can;t help it. It's my one true weakness. If you buy me shoes you will never go wrong.

I'm also after another pair that I saw in ShoeBiz - they are snake skin and platform with a peep toe. They are so yum. I'll take a photo with my phone next time I walk past, because I'm waiting for a sale or something... $120 is too much.

Another pair I want are these ones Lauren and I saw on our Sydney Uni / Parra day. She loved them too. They were black and kind of reminded me of this pair. The only diff is, these ones have ankle straps and less of a heel...

Hey - now that I read that stuff above, I do have some control in my spending on shoes! Although I do hope I get a new pair for going out on Friday night.