Monday, February 27, 2006

Daily Fashion Flash and Weekend

Absolutely LOVED the Versace collection. Donatella done a great job (for once!). There were a few pieces I didn't like - Like this one coat... It reminds me of one a friend from school had - need I say more. Anyway, here arehe two that I loved the most...

I just love how this coat just fits. And the colour is stunning. I would wear it!! (hint hint - buy it for me!)

Love the one shoulder look and the crinkley texture towards the bottom.

Overall, I was quite suprised at Versace. The next one is from Missoni. I really like the browns and stripes and the gold belt. I'm not to sure about the legging thing - but I've been seeing it in quite a lot of the other shows too, so obviously it's the 'in' thing... I think I'd personally wear opaque stockings instead.

Missoni Fall 2006

Menichetti was nothing exciting. It has a few nice plain things I'd wear to work, but thats all. I was actually quite disappointed in Roberto Cavalli's collection. Usually he has some wonderful pieces, but this fall... *sigh* Sorry Roberto... that's a thumbs down from me.

Dsquared2 Fall 2006 - Now this is so cute. I really like the green knit sweater (perhaps a diff colour) but it's still so lovely! I want it!

Thats all from the daily Fashion Flash... until tomorrow! Tee hee.

Let's see. I went to Penrith RSL on Saturday night. Chris was going to come, but he worked all day and wasn't feeling up to it, but I ended up going anyway. I went with Sally and Glen and some others from touch football and beyond. I ended up speaking to Adam about Buffy until I don't know when. Who knew he and I had all of the seasons on DVD! He was a Faith fan while I'm a Anya fan. But anyway... It was fun! Danced a bit, but not as much as usual. I think we left around 2, not to sure on the details of getting home. Oh My God. I vomited! First time ever after a night out - Probably from me not eating dinner and then drinking. I was so embarrassed the next morning though. Chris was glad he didn't come after I told him that. hehe

Anyway, I'm off to bed. xox

Saturday, February 25, 2006


My favourites from yesterdays Fall 06 Collections...

Dolce & Gabbana
Like the pants. Not fussed on the grey, but it works.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua
Okay - so this isn't a fav, but I picked the one I would probably wear if I had to chose one of his outfits. I do like the idea behind the top though - sort of leaning on corset.

Love this.

I would wear it - If i had somewhere to wear it!

I couldn't choose between this one and the one below.


I didn't pick anything from Maxmara because, well, to be honest - it all sucked.

Going to go bead some more. Made 3 necklaces already today :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Something's going on...

And i'm not quite sure what it is....

Alberta Ferretti Fall 06

It gives new meaning to 'bag lady'

Gucci Gucci ya ya dada!

Frida Giannini is doing glam rock for fall. "I was thinking of David Bowie and the way people played with their image to be something different every time they went out in the seventies," she said. "It's less romantic and more about energy and showing off." - From

It was 70's... but Glam 70's with the gold pants?!?! I don't think so... I did like the make-up though - gold eyes just seem expensive!

Cute hair - even though its just straight.. but it doesn't make the outfit so 'rawr'

Nice - if only it wasn't so purple!

I like the top half of it and the print is starting to grow on me.

I like the zebra-like print. I have a necklace that I made with a similar print on it... only its black and white.

Had a funny day at work today. Pete had bought some Chinese Green Tea from sydney yesterday. It smell's like tree bark. Anyway.. after him drinking it and me smelling it we started saying silly-weird-stupid-insane things. It was quite funny. We couldn't stop laughing most of the day.. Thats Friday's for you + he used up his download limits and we were back to 64k modem speed - my gosh how slow is it! I don't know how anyone can be on dialup these days. How are they going to google answers while they are on the phone when they need the phone line to connect!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Style Diary and stuffs

Not really much to comment on today.

Hrmm.. Oh! I made an account at It's a very neat site where you post your outfits and cool finds and people leave you comments and you do the same. I think it's great! It's fun to see what people are wearing in other parts of the world and also in your local areas. Some people's style is a little messed up and I'm sure they will appreciate my comments :)

Just while I'm browsing I thought I'd share the Fall 2006 Dolce & Gabbana Show with you... Set In a winter wonderland forest comes 80's pop fashion smooshed together with space-aged knit wearing Skiiers!

Weird - But for some reason I like it.

Uuuugly-furry boots. Love the white stockings. This reminds me of the girls from Little House on The Prairie

Is she wearing a huge diaper?!?!?!

When I go to the snow later this year... Look out for me wearing this. How cute!!

While I'm not quite sure whats up with the huge diaper, I do like the whites. Pollini's Fall 06 collection was okay, liked a few pieces from there but there's still nothing fab... And Marni was kind of on the edge of becoming hobo-mary-kate olsen! Loved the shoes from Emilio Pucci, not so fussed on the purple (even though that's in right now). Prada wasn't anything special either. All black and elegant - but nothing. What is up with the designer's these days... Are they too scared to try something a little new! See.. this is why I Love Galliano...

Spring/Summer 06 Dior

Okay, so maybe they don't have to be THAT gut-sy... but come on!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I've been looking at some of the models on I have come to the conclusion that none of them are THAT pretty. Most of the girls in the Spring and Fall 06 shows are tall, yes. Thin, yes. But pretty. No.

Sasha Pivovarova - Fall 2006 RTW Emilio Pucci

Sasha Pivovarova for example apparently has 'striking eyes' but to me, that just doesn't cut it. If you have pretty eyes doesn't mean it makes up for that weird shape head you have! Some other's I don't really like - purely judging by there looks: Angela Lindvall, Gemma Ward (yeah okay shes HUGE, but come on, alien head), Julia Dunstall, Lily Cole (What is up with her being so popular - She has red hair!), Ines (her mouth is tiny which makes her forehead look huge)... I think I'll stop there.

Flavia De Oliveira, Heather Marks, and Milagros Schmoll - Fall 2006 RTW J. Mendel Backstage

Now I do like a few models... Heather Marks is pretty and quite young and I also like Jessica Stam, Tiiu Kuik, Julia Stegner (unusual, but I like her) and Lindsay Ellingson (Fall 2006 - Peter Som). I'm sure there's more but those are the ones from the top of my head.

Now I don't want you to think I'm superficial that I have to bag out model's to make myself feel great, thats not it at all... It's just what I do. I also know that we shouldn't really be judging the models, they really are only suppose to be "Walking Clothes Hangers" and we should be looking at the clothes, but I mean.. everyone make's such a big deal out of certain models... so why not give the other's some airtime too (good or bad, heh).


First Post

So, my first post. I thought I'd make a journal seeing my site is mostly for my site updates and I really only tended to write every month or so, and this is more of a gossip-talk-rave and rant sort of thing. Plus everyone else seems to have one!

Last Friday I went to Sydney Uni with Lauren, she was registering for her B-Teach course and needed someone to go with her, so I went. Lucky, because there was this weird guy on the train who wore two watches and was quite obnoxious and felt it was quite okay to chat to us. See, tis is why I HATE trains. Trains can be good at times, but I'm not entirely sure when! So we get off at Redfern... Lauren and I are convinced that our star sign Sagittarius has got to do with a lot of our luck. I kind of rely a lot on that for most of the things I do. Tee hee. So we found Sydney Uni.

Anyway. We ran into Mel. I saw this girl walking and said "She walks like Mel" in my head.. then I was like "She even has the same parents..." then I realised. It was Mel. She was obviously registering for her course too. I can't believe how BIG Sydney Uni is. It's quite overwhelming... No wonder Lauren wanted someone to go with her!

After we finished everything (2 or so hours later), we walked back to the train station. Lucky we only thought It was 30 degrees otherwise we would have died (It was actually 43! - we figured that out when we got back to my car). The trip home wasn't quite as bad on the train. We got off at Parramatta for some lunch and had a look at some shoes. I love shoes. I was going to buy some, but I told myself I wanted some with heels....... *sigh* I might go back and buy those ones I tried on though. They were so cute.

We then continued home to find I had a parking ticket! Damnit. Stupid parking rule.

On Saturday I went out to dinner with Lauren and Nicole. It was suppose to be out Christmas Dinner. We were suppose to go to 'Sauce' in Mosman, but we didn't end up making it as we only passed the M2 tolls at 8:45pm which was the time I booked our table. Damn. So we ended up on Crows Nest, found a place by driving around and down streets and ended up having some Italian. This was not our Christmas Dinner. I don't know how we made it home - We didnt come back the way we went - and none of us are great at directions or decisions for that matter!

At work today we listened to a Podcast by Ricky Gervais. It's a classic to listen to, but you have to have a sort of 'know' of English Humour. Listen to, I think it was Episode 9 or 10, where they read Karl's diary. It's a wonder how he survives in this world!