Wednesday, February 22, 2006

First Post

So, my first post. I thought I'd make a journal seeing my site is mostly for my site updates and I really only tended to write every month or so, and this is more of a gossip-talk-rave and rant sort of thing. Plus everyone else seems to have one!

Last Friday I went to Sydney Uni with Lauren, she was registering for her B-Teach course and needed someone to go with her, so I went. Lucky, because there was this weird guy on the train who wore two watches and was quite obnoxious and felt it was quite okay to chat to us. See, tis is why I HATE trains. Trains can be good at times, but I'm not entirely sure when! So we get off at Redfern... Lauren and I are convinced that our star sign Sagittarius has got to do with a lot of our luck. I kind of rely a lot on that for most of the things I do. Tee hee. So we found Sydney Uni.

Anyway. We ran into Mel. I saw this girl walking and said "She walks like Mel" in my head.. then I was like "She even has the same parents..." then I realised. It was Mel. She was obviously registering for her course too. I can't believe how BIG Sydney Uni is. It's quite overwhelming... No wonder Lauren wanted someone to go with her!

After we finished everything (2 or so hours later), we walked back to the train station. Lucky we only thought It was 30 degrees otherwise we would have died (It was actually 43! - we figured that out when we got back to my car). The trip home wasn't quite as bad on the train. We got off at Parramatta for some lunch and had a look at some shoes. I love shoes. I was going to buy some, but I told myself I wanted some with heels....... *sigh* I might go back and buy those ones I tried on though. They were so cute.

We then continued home to find I had a parking ticket! Damnit. Stupid parking rule.

On Saturday I went out to dinner with Lauren and Nicole. It was suppose to be out Christmas Dinner. We were suppose to go to 'Sauce' in Mosman, but we didn't end up making it as we only passed the M2 tolls at 8:45pm which was the time I booked our table. Damn. So we ended up on Crows Nest, found a place by driving around and down streets and ended up having some Italian. This was not our Christmas Dinner. I don't know how we made it home - We didnt come back the way we went - and none of us are great at directions or decisions for that matter!

At work today we listened to a Podcast by Ricky Gervais. It's a classic to listen to, but you have to have a sort of 'know' of English Humour. Listen to, I think it was Episode 9 or 10, where they read Karl's diary. It's a wonder how he survives in this world!

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