Monday, February 27, 2006

Daily Fashion Flash and Weekend

Absolutely LOVED the Versace collection. Donatella done a great job (for once!). There were a few pieces I didn't like - Like this one coat... It reminds me of one a friend from school had - need I say more. Anyway, here arehe two that I loved the most...

I just love how this coat just fits. And the colour is stunning. I would wear it!! (hint hint - buy it for me!)

Love the one shoulder look and the crinkley texture towards the bottom.

Overall, I was quite suprised at Versace. The next one is from Missoni. I really like the browns and stripes and the gold belt. I'm not to sure about the legging thing - but I've been seeing it in quite a lot of the other shows too, so obviously it's the 'in' thing... I think I'd personally wear opaque stockings instead.

Missoni Fall 2006

Menichetti was nothing exciting. It has a few nice plain things I'd wear to work, but thats all. I was actually quite disappointed in Roberto Cavalli's collection. Usually he has some wonderful pieces, but this fall... *sigh* Sorry Roberto... that's a thumbs down from me.

Dsquared2 Fall 2006 - Now this is so cute. I really like the green knit sweater (perhaps a diff colour) but it's still so lovely! I want it!

Thats all from the daily Fashion Flash... until tomorrow! Tee hee.

Let's see. I went to Penrith RSL on Saturday night. Chris was going to come, but he worked all day and wasn't feeling up to it, but I ended up going anyway. I went with Sally and Glen and some others from touch football and beyond. I ended up speaking to Adam about Buffy until I don't know when. Who knew he and I had all of the seasons on DVD! He was a Faith fan while I'm a Anya fan. But anyway... It was fun! Danced a bit, but not as much as usual. I think we left around 2, not to sure on the details of getting home. Oh My God. I vomited! First time ever after a night out - Probably from me not eating dinner and then drinking. I was so embarrassed the next morning though. Chris was glad he didn't come after I told him that. hehe

Anyway, I'm off to bed. xox

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