Friday, February 24, 2006

Gucci Gucci ya ya dada!

Frida Giannini is doing glam rock for fall. "I was thinking of David Bowie and the way people played with their image to be something different every time they went out in the seventies," she said. "It's less romantic and more about energy and showing off." - From

It was 70's... but Glam 70's with the gold pants?!?! I don't think so... I did like the make-up though - gold eyes just seem expensive!

Cute hair - even though its just straight.. but it doesn't make the outfit so 'rawr'

Nice - if only it wasn't so purple!

I like the top half of it and the print is starting to grow on me.

I like the zebra-like print. I have a necklace that I made with a similar print on it... only its black and white.

Had a funny day at work today. Pete had bought some Chinese Green Tea from sydney yesterday. It smell's like tree bark. Anyway.. after him drinking it and me smelling it we started saying silly-weird-stupid-insane things. It was quite funny. We couldn't stop laughing most of the day.. Thats Friday's for you + he used up his download limits and we were back to 64k modem speed - my gosh how slow is it! I don't know how anyone can be on dialup these days. How are they going to google answers while they are on the phone when they need the phone line to connect!

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