Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I've been looking at some of the models on I have come to the conclusion that none of them are THAT pretty. Most of the girls in the Spring and Fall 06 shows are tall, yes. Thin, yes. But pretty. No.

Sasha Pivovarova - Fall 2006 RTW Emilio Pucci

Sasha Pivovarova for example apparently has 'striking eyes' but to me, that just doesn't cut it. If you have pretty eyes doesn't mean it makes up for that weird shape head you have! Some other's I don't really like - purely judging by there looks: Angela Lindvall, Gemma Ward (yeah okay shes HUGE, but come on, alien head), Julia Dunstall, Lily Cole (What is up with her being so popular - She has red hair!), Ines (her mouth is tiny which makes her forehead look huge)... I think I'll stop there.

Flavia De Oliveira, Heather Marks, and Milagros Schmoll - Fall 2006 RTW J. Mendel Backstage

Now I do like a few models... Heather Marks is pretty and quite young and I also like Jessica Stam, Tiiu Kuik, Julia Stegner (unusual, but I like her) and Lindsay Ellingson (Fall 2006 - Peter Som). I'm sure there's more but those are the ones from the top of my head.

Now I don't want you to think I'm superficial that I have to bag out model's to make myself feel great, thats not it at all... It's just what I do. I also know that we shouldn't really be judging the models, they really are only suppose to be "Walking Clothes Hangers" and we should be looking at the clothes, but I mean.. everyone make's such a big deal out of certain models... so why not give the other's some airtime too (good or bad, heh).


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