Thursday, February 23, 2006

Style Diary and stuffs

Not really much to comment on today.

Hrmm.. Oh! I made an account at It's a very neat site where you post your outfits and cool finds and people leave you comments and you do the same. I think it's great! It's fun to see what people are wearing in other parts of the world and also in your local areas. Some people's style is a little messed up and I'm sure they will appreciate my comments :)

Just while I'm browsing I thought I'd share the Fall 2006 Dolce & Gabbana Show with you... Set In a winter wonderland forest comes 80's pop fashion smooshed together with space-aged knit wearing Skiiers!

Weird - But for some reason I like it.

Uuuugly-furry boots. Love the white stockings. This reminds me of the girls from Little House on The Prairie

Is she wearing a huge diaper?!?!?!

When I go to the snow later this year... Look out for me wearing this. How cute!!

While I'm not quite sure whats up with the huge diaper, I do like the whites. Pollini's Fall 06 collection was okay, liked a few pieces from there but there's still nothing fab... And Marni was kind of on the edge of becoming hobo-mary-kate olsen! Loved the shoes from Emilio Pucci, not so fussed on the purple (even though that's in right now). Prada wasn't anything special either. All black and elegant - but nothing. What is up with the designer's these days... Are they too scared to try something a little new! See.. this is why I Love Galliano...

Spring/Summer 06 Dior

Okay, so maybe they don't have to be THAT gut-sy... but come on!

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