Saturday, April 29, 2006

MAFW Spring Summer 06/07 - Part 3

Josh Goot
Nothing special to see here as it was a bit on the bland side. His silver pieces were the things I liked best.

Matthew Eager
Bright and radiant colours with a few pastel hues makes it a wonderful change from all the whites we have been seeing. I love those gloves and I'm so glad opaques are back in!

One Teaspoon
Very wild and free 70's was the vibe I got from this collection. I quite liked the swimwear this season.

Fleur Wood
Red, black, white's and golden hues with a dash of lime gives us Fleur Woods spring summer range. Very classic feminime pieces; it reminds me a bit of Erin Fetherston.

It's interesting to see what the nautical trend can bring. Most of the pieces were simple, but they looked amazing. I liked the men's better than the ladies this time around, although that white dress is adorable.

Ed and Bek
The show came with an essense of Galliano's Dior Fall 06 collection mixed with clowns and pirates. It kind of creeped me out.

Nylon Flock by Nicole Finetti
All I can say is that it was a very nice classic collection. I'm in love with the white dress - I wonder how much it is?!

Tight Knickers
My first thoughts about the how was that it was very trendy. I really liked some of the styles and outfits that were coming out of the show. I especially liked the first white jacket below - I've been looking for a nice one for a few years but have never found one that is wearable for both casual and formal events + it looks nice with that blue belt. The designers even had a little show at the end entitled "To pay for Fashion Week" which showed a film with them robbing a place and then coming onto the catwalk - very cheeky.

Tina Kalivas
This show is one of my favourites so far. I really enjoyed looking at the shots and I wonder where I can get my hands on some of the pieces!

Friday, April 28, 2006

MAFW Spring Summer 06/07 - Part 2

Kirrily Johnston
Stunning. I loved most of the pieces, the colour pallete was gorgeous with its blues and oranges. The only thing I can't take my eyes off is the last pencil skirt below; for some reason it looks awkward.

White Suede
I think I spotted one of the girls from Australia's next top model. The first girl in orange has a familiar face and I can't quite remember her name but I'm sure she was on the show. Anyway, loved the big hats and the spotted dress, and I do like the look of those skinny jeans with the off-white shirt - not really my style, but the jeans don't look 'punk' - that's why I like it.

Bettina Liano
The red shoes which were worn throughout the show, contrasted everything beautifully. I'm not to sure about the first picture below - It looks like she is wearing a bra and her top has fallen down :/ but other than the few odd pieces, it was a charming show. Her corsets are classic in the sense of simplicity (buy me one!) and I loved the gold skirt below.

Bare by Rebecca Davies
Nice girly dresses. The swimwear was cute - I liked the pale blue pair below.

An interesting collection but nothing to die for. I liked the white swimsuit with the sleeves - neat idea.

One word: fabulously-terrifically-incredibly-beautiful.

One Fell Swoop
Liked the use of colour and flowers mixed with stripes. If only the yellow dress below wasn't yellow - i'd buy it!

Cute flowery fabrics mixed with white - so pretty and feminime.

Interesting and inpiring pieces. The men's blue jacket is stunning with its matching hat. The grey suit looks cute paired with the pale yellow dress next to it. And the purple ruffled piece is quite unusual, but it works.

Camilla and Marc
I loved this collection. The first white dress I want, the second dress is so cute, love the silver skirt and belt with black, but the third reminds me of a Logie Award. Other than that gold dress, I'll take the rest. :)

Alex Perry
I was expecting more from Alex Perry, but alas I was disappointed. There was not one outfit that I would go out and buy. The first dress below is the one and only thing I liked - but again it was nothing that no-one else has done before.

Not really much to say about this show's pieces. Kind of reminds me of the casual wear of someone from the military - "free hugs now" was cute but on a tshirt that was nothing fancy.