Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Eurovision: 18 / 20th May 2006 - Located in Athens Greece.

I was at the Eurovision website looking at the contestants for some of the countries. Of course I had to check out what Finland had to offer this year.

"When it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest, Finland is better known for its failures than its successes." Sigh. It is so true. However, this year...

... meet Lordi.

"There is no doubt, however, that this year’s Finnish Eurovision entry will go down as one of the most engaging moments in the history of the competition. Win or lose – most probably win – the song 'Hard Rock Hallelujah', performed by Lordi, looks certain to be the one thing that every viewer remembers from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens.

'Hard Rock Hallelujah' sounds nothing like most Eurovision entries. As the title promises, the song is melodic hard rock, a genre seldom associated with Eurovision. Lordi – the name applies both to the group and its lead singer – look nothing like typical Eurovision contestants and more like a heavily made-up monster hard rock band along the lines of KISS or Twisted Sister, or a group of characters from a gory 1980s slasher movie. And yet it looks and sounds like a winning combination. 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' is not only the most rocking Eurovision entry since ABBA’s 'Waterloo' back in 1974, it also has one of the catchiest tunes. And Lordi put on the best show since Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus rocked his star-shaped guitar 32 years ago: not only does the band put the rock back into the Eurovision, it also puts the fun back into rock."

I don't know whether or not to be embarrassed, scared of happy.

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Aspects Of Love said...

Oh deary me. That is quite... er... embarrassing? HAHA! Damn those Finlandians! Oh dammit... but really, I'm not Finnish. I'm pure Aussieland. So that means... ehhh *is confused*