Thursday, April 27, 2006

MAFW Spring Summer 06/07 - Part 1

I liked most of the pieces in this collection - they were both elegant and chic. A few pieces looked like someone's pyjamas, and the men's wear wasn't much - but I loved the dresses.

A first time for me hearing and seeing the name. They played it safe with stripes, but I'm not sure about the red-and-white-picnic-looking skirts. Lots of t-shirts under dresses which seems to be the 'thing' this summer. You won't see me doing it this summer.

Charlie Brown
With a palette of red, black, white and yellow, Charlie Brown gives us lily cole, boleros, pencil skirts and yes - stripes.

Kate Hurst
Mod inspired - I love the headbands and gloves. The black and white dress was probably my favourite from this collection, but I think that the vibrant colourscarried out what probably wasn't the most interesting collection.

Wayne Cooper
My first impression of the shots were quite bleak. I didn't find much of his collection appealing, just standard. He has a few dresses that have a been-there-done-that sort of feel to them, but I guess there's not much to a black or white dress.

Alannah Hill
I first saw a glimpse of her show last night and this morning on the news. It looked so cute and summery! I guess you could say it was oriental meet showgirl. I want the green dress below with the blue belt... Please!!!

Lisa Ho
I was getting a little bored while flipping through the photos, I think this is mainly because she doesn't really appeal to me. Although I must admit I really liked the first dress below...

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