Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sewing Machine. Check.

So I have started sewing and have purchased my lovely sewing machine (above: Bernina, Bernette 82e)... Hooray! I really love it and I can't wait for Thursdays to come around. I sound like an old nanna, but hey. I'm currently making a skirt which is totally cute and has tulle underneath which, if you sew, you know is a pain! But the skirt has a zipper and a waist band and is pretty cool for a first project! I will post pics probably this week as I should be finished this coming Thursday.

We also had our netball Grand Finals which we lost, boo. We were totally the better team, not to mention the better looking team. hehe. We then had a few drinks over at Whitney's and played sing star to drown our sorrows.
SO... This post is definitely lacking internet connection. It's driving me crazy. SAVING now before I smash my screen.

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Nicole said...

Eep! No internet! That sucks, know that feeling and also the feeling of wanting to throw your computer out the window very well.