Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sewing Projects #1 AND #2... and the stupid, stupid internet.

I have finally resorted to the good old ways of blogging; firstly on my omputer in a text file and then pasting it into blogger. The internet has been tested by and so far I have managed to get:

PS. This is a lot better than when I previously done it. My ping was 707ms!

Bad. Telstra sucks. Bigtime. And there is no other operator I can use that will give me relable, non-hair tearing internet connection, for my lines are pared. *bangs head on table* I even resorted to borrowing Ray's optus wireless to see if that would work but no. Not one single bar of reception.

So, enough of my rants about the internet (but who would've thought this day and age I would be getting LESS than dial-up!).

It has only now come to my attention that I have also been slacking in communicating with people! For some reason this week I have been completely avoiding people for no good reason. I have put it down to me just beening stressed from needing to get a job done, up and ready and LIVE on Friday and that actually fell through because of the client. I then just wanted to be alone when I got home and unfortunately that lead to me being quite mean.

Sewing Project #1 Progress Report

I really thought I was going to be finished last Thursday, but it took me a good 2 out of the 3 hours to HEM a skirt. If I had a rolling hem foot for my sewing machine it would have halved the time it took me, but I guess it was good practice to be doing it the long way around. I really hope Ann remembers to order some in though. Hehe.

Sewing Project #2

On Saturday I decided it was a good day to try and follow the same pattern with a different fabric and see how I would go on my own. I was doing so well cutting out the pattern and pinning but then I got to the zipper and I had a mind blank. I totally forgot which way the zipper was to be sewed to the fabric. Luckily mum walked in at that time and sorted me out. I then finished the skirt to the same point as Skirt #1 and so I should be finished BOTH THIS THURSDAY! Hooray!

My sewing pattern (I've been making the one on the right, only difference is the 2nd layer)

The two skirts (Left: Cotton, Right: Chiffon)

The zipper!

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