Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ANTM: Episode 3

  1. Franky and Mikarla are just as bad as each other.
  2. Cassi just needs a pill to chillax and maybe even a few (err, many) etiquette classes from the ladies at Eggleston Hall.
  3. What is with the LACK of make-over for all of the girls?!?!?! Boo.
  4. I still like Lola even though stealing 'Firecrackers' line was nasty.
  5. Claire and Eloise's beauty shots were amazing.
  6. Madison is like a lost little puppy who needs a brush. Her hair was so nice after the make over and she rocks up to the shoot with a nest. Gah.

Eloise / Gisele

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Nicole said...

I really like Cassie, sure she is psycho but she has a model face (just need to fix those teeth - but Kate Moss has bad teeth too). I also love Claire.