Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dolphins, yeah! They think they're so cute

I remember when I was younger I used to be quite obsessed about dolphins. Dolphin glass statues, dolphin posters, dolphin book holders, book covers, book marks, pencils and of course toys (I named one of them 'Caroma'). However, since about 1996, my dolphin obsession had been long gone until yesterday... when I read the news of a Pink Dolphin swimming in a Louisiana lake.

I really want one, so I had a quick look to see where I could get one (legally of course)...

The Pink Dolphin lives in the Amazon Rainforest. It is usually found in the tributaries and main rivers of the Orinoco River systems in South America.

Interesting... Well I am not going to the Amazon anytime soon so I will go back to my non-dolphin ways and leave you with a quote from Chum from Finding Nemo...

Dolphins, yeah! They think they're so cute. "Oh, look at me, I'm a flippy little dolphin, let me flip for you. Ain't I something?"

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