Monday, May 01, 2006

MAFW Spring Summer 06/07 - Part 4

Toni Maticevski
With Ian Thorpe and Michael Klim in the front row - it's sure to be a great show! *sarcastic*. The show at first seemed to be a little drab and dated. The tweed jacket below was cut well, but I'm not sure about the rubbish-bag dress!?

Hannah McNicol
I enjoyed looking at the collection, even though there was nothing spectacular about it. I'm fascinated with the black blue-trimmed dress.

High Tea with Mrs Woo
This is pretty much the only thing I liked about the collection. It was just a little out there for me.

Tiffany Treloar
I liked the fabric used in the collection. Pretty dresses too :)

Lots of frills and soft whimsy dresses. I liked the creativity behind the dresses; none of them were typical.

Story of Tang
I think I found another favourite! Loved it all.

Cohen et Sabine
Take your pick from the many black dresses or this white dress.

Alice McCall
High waists and the bigger the bow the better. I liked the use of the pockets on the dresses. Toward the end of the show it seemed to have turned very mod-inspired with it's bold colours and buttons.

The simplicity of this collection makes it all the more interesting. Everything was simply beautiful.

A fun, fresh and funky spring summer collection. They even had a few acrobats at the end of the show. Cute little dresses with bows and all models with their rosey cheeks were holding balloons - how can it not be happy.

Leona Edmiston
Very lady-like and proper with dramatic poses by all the models. I loved the umbrellas!

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