Friday, August 21, 2009

For all the Chick Lit fans, like Me!

I had no idea there was another book by Sophie out! How awesome. It's called Twenties Girl... AND I also received and email with her saying she is working on a new Shopaholic book. OMG!!!! I'm excited!! Although, I have yet to finish her other book (The Undomestic Goddess and Remember Me?) but I FIRST need to finish New Moon... gah!

Well here is a preview of twenties girl found on her site, looks good from what I have read so far :)

Chapter ONE

The thing about lying to your parents is, you have to do it to protect them. It's for their own good. I mean, take my own parents. If they knew the unvarnished truth about my finances/love life/ plumbing/council tax, they'd have instant heart attacks and the doctor would say, "Did anyone give them a terrible shock?" and it would all be my fault. Therefore, they have been in my flat for approximately ten minutes and already I have told them the following lies:

1. L&N Executive Recruitment will start making profits soon, I'm sure of it.

2. Natalie is a fantastic business partner, and it was a really brilliant idea to chuck in my job to become a headhunter with her.

3. Of course I don't just exist on pizza, black cherry yogurts, and vodka.

4. Yes, I did know about interest on parking tickets.

5. Yes, I did watch that Charles Dickens DVD they gave me for Christmas; it was great, especially that lady in the bonnet. Yes, Peggotty. That's who I meant.

6. I was actually intending to buy a smoke alarm at the weekend, what a coincidence they should mention it.

7. Yes, it'll be nice to see all the family again.

Seven lies. Not including all the ones about Mum's outfit. And we haven't even mentioned The Subject.

As I come out of my bedroom in a black dress and hastily applied mascara, I see Mum looking at my overdue phone bill on the mantelpiece.

"Don't worry," I say quickly. "I'm going to sort that out."

Continue reading at her site...

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Nicole said...

I bought this. Only started it yesterday. Hooray for chick lit!