Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lily Allen Concert - A couple of photos

Because my internets is pretty lame, I have just uploaded some photos. I might get Ray to upload some of the videos I took of her concert - which was pretty awesome by the way - up onto youtube. It was FREEZING though, and if Ray and I knew it was only going to start at like 9pm, we would have turned up 10mins before she came on. The opening band weren't that crash hot.

Lily performed all the songs of both her albums, plus Oh my god (Kaiser Chiefs cover) and Womanizer (Britney cover).
I think she should have played at the entertainment centre or somewhere a lilttle less shit. The horden pavilion isn't the 'place to be' - but in saying that, it was still a great concert. I really enjoyed the songs live. 10/10! hehe

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Nicole said...

Lol. Some place a little less shit. Love it.