Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I can't stop thinking about it

Even though I haven't FULLY paid for my ticket (on Thursday!!), I am still awfully excited, and quite possibly... in shock! I. AM. GOING. TO. EUROPE.

So a top ten list for London Attractions:
  1. British Museum
  2. Tate Modern
  3. National Gallery
  4. Natural History Museum
  5. The London Eye
  6. Science Museum
  7. The Victoria & Albert Museum - looking forward to this one!! EEk
  8. Madame Tussauds
  9. The Tower of London
  10. National Maritime Museum
Yes... from the visit london website - but what better place to go for a to do list! If you have any others to add - Let me know... I am going all the way over there so I might as well see it all!

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Nicole M said...

Okay, I REFUSE, and I think Lauren will agree, to ever set foot on the London Eye again. WAY too expensive, really LONG queues and REALLY boring!

1. British Museum - FREE so I'll see again hehe
2. Tate Modern - Sure I'll see it
3. National Gallery - why not?
4. Natural History Museum - Seen it, I wonder if they still have the giant squid? I have an awesome pic of Lauren standing next to a brontosaurus's thigh bone, it's almost as tall as her!
5. The London Eye - Not going.
6. Science Museum - Sounds cool!
7. The Victoria & Albert Museum - ahh yeah maybe
8. Madame Tussauds - Will be really expensey, not really interested.
9. The Tower of London - done it.
10. National Maritime Museum - Not a big fan of ships.

You forgot St Paul's Cathedral and Westminister's Abbey. What kind of site did you go to? Lol. And not one single mention of an English pub!

Oh Kristi, ALL their pubs have the cutest names such as, The Furry Badger, The Black Griffin, Bay Horse. hahahahahahaha ahhh love it.