Monday, June 12, 2006

Triumph International Fashion Awards 2006

An international jury of experts has selected 7 designers for the Triumph International Fashion Award 2006.

The public voting for the "3 Finalists" starts now on and lasts until 20th July 2006. The theme of the Award "Dress up for Mozart - Rock up Rococo! Modern Tribute to Rococo Fashion" has motivated 438 designers from Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, Russia, to China and India, USA and Australia to join. More than 1,500 sketches were submitted.

As at Monday 12th June, the votes are:
19% - Tatiana Pogrebnyak
18% - Paz Soto Salinas
9% - Minh Tran
9% - Kirsten Hiller
10% - Cristina Valls
18% - Carina Henrich
18% - Angelika Wöss

I voted for Tatiana who is from the Ukrain and living in Israel...

Don't forget to vote for your favourite!!

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